Itchy hands and feet at night? It could be a sign of neurodermatitis.

Does the fixation or wrist often itch at night? As soon as the scratches, the itching was even growing. If so, you may experience neurodermatitis. Either? Neurodermatitis lets, review the following reviews to learn more about the disease.

Neurodermatitis, causes itching in the hands and feet at night

Neurodermatitis with chronic diseases is also called a simple chronic skin application that causes itching. The initial cycle that occurs at the beginning of the disease is itching that can make the skin thicker and feel rough. Because of scratching, the skin will show small spots that later are enlarged in patches.

In addition to the feet, the disease is also common in the wrist, back of the neck, forearm, thigh and anus (rectum), as well as the genital area, such as the scrotum (phallus) and vaginal lips. The disease is not contagious or dangerous, but it may interfere with the activity, sexual function, and quality of life due to the itching that is still repeated.

Symptoms of Neurodermatitis

The following symptoms occur in the Neurodermatitis disease, such as:

  • Itching has occurred in a certain part of the body.
  • The part that itching gets thicker and feels rough.
  • Spots appear and then expand into spots, sometimes red or darker than the surrounding skin. However, the Bercaknya will not continue to widen until the color of his skin changes.
  • Itching can be lost and back or continue to occur even when you want to sleep.

If you feel any of these symptoms, a sensation of gatalnya interferes with the activity and becomes a habit, even makes the skin feel sore and irritable, soon found a specialist in the skin to deal with the disease.

Causes and risk factors of neurodermatitis

Since May, the clinic has offered, so far, the exact cause of an unknown neurodermatitis. However, this disease may appear in someone who has dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, allergies and emotional disturbances.

Other factors such as insect bites and the use of very tight clothing, especially those made of wool, polyester and rayon, can also lead to the onset of the disease. Additionally, doing strenuous activity in hot weather causes sweating and low blood pressure can also lead to neurodermatitis.

The disease is usually prone to a person aged about 30 to 50 years. Thus, on the basis of sex, women are more exposed to the risk of disease than men. Additionally, the use of lithium medications and venous insufficiency (lack of function of vessels returning to the heart) can also be a risk factor for itching in the hands and feet, especially at night.

Infection carefully due to itching at night

Their constant scratch wounds can cause irritation. If it is not immediately treated, the bacteria will be easier to get the wound and cause the infection. Permanent scar will also change skin color. Sometimes it causes hyperpigmentation (the color of the skin is darkening of the environment).

How to deal with Neurodermatitis?

For your treatment, people with hands and feet or itching in the body because some medications are prescribed for neurodermatitis. The next Awat-Upsenya.

  • Antihistamines (allergy medications) to reduce itching and inflammation
  • Corticosteroids, capsule or cream well formed, to suppress the onset of inflammation
  • Soothing to control stress levels
  • Salicylic acid to reduce the appearance of skin thickness

In addition to medications, the most important thing for patients with neurodermatitis is to reduce scratches so that skin does not thicken and irritate. Additionally, the application of Vaseline can also prevent dryness of the skin. Because, Neurodarmatitis is prone to occurrence in people who suffer from dry skin.

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